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March 05 2018

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Network Vulnerabilities Every Business Owner Needs to Be Aware Of

Having a functional and secure computer network is essential for a small business. The right network will allow a business owner and their employees to use the full power of the internet to their advantage. In order to keep this important tool damage-free, a business owner will need to work with Managed IT Services in Accra.

These IT professionals will have no problem pinpointing and fixing the problems that exist with a computer network. There are a variety of network vulnerabilities that business owners needs to know about. Here are just some of the most common network vulnerabilities and what can be done to fix them.

Application Security Can Be Tricky

Using various applications is a great way for a business to stay more productive. With all of the different apps out there designed specifically for businesses, it will be easy to find the right products. Once a business owner has installed these apps on their network, they will need to keep them updated to avoid problems.

If these apps are not updated on a regular basis, it will lead to massive security issues. Failing to update apps causes them to have large security holes that can be used by hackers to gain access to a computer network.

Weak Passwords Can Cause Big Trouble

Nearly every aspect of a business computer network is protected by a password. While having password protection is a great idea, a business owner will have to make sure these passwords are unbreakable. Allowing employees to use easy to figure out passwords can lead to a network getting hacked.

Not only do the passwords need to be complicated, they also need to be changed on a monthly basis. By creating a companywide policy regarding passwords, a business owner can address this issue before they are hacked.

Unless a business owner has a great deal of knowledge regarding network security, they will need to hire reputable IT Services in Accra to help them out. At ZenTech I.T. Solutions, a business owner will have no problem securing their network. Visit their website or give them a call to find out more about this company and the work they do.

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